When the WU IRB serves as the IRB for a WU study and it is funded by a for-profit entity there are fees associated with the IRB review.

For-profit funded studies only
Type of FormFees Effective 7/01/2022
New *$3,000
Modification **$750
Continuing Review$1,750

* Or the addition of for-profit funding via a modification.
**Requests to change consent injury language incur an additional $750 charge regardless of other changes requested.

Why do you charge fees for IRB review of for-profit funded studies?

IRB fees are charged to cover the costs associated with:

  • HRPO staff time spent screening and reviewing IRB applications and the associated study materials
  • supporting the IRB committee in their reviews
  • educating researchers on the IRB process and procedures, conducting one on one training with PIs, providing on-call and in-person support to researchers
Are there fees if my study is NOT funded by a for-profit entity?

No. When the WU IRB is reviewing a WU study only studies funded by a for-profit entity are charged fees.

What types of activities does the IRB charge for?

In for-profit funded research, fees are charged on a per form basis for new submissions, modifications and continuing reviews. Reportable event forms, check-in forms and exceptions do not incur a fee. See FAQ “Will I be charged for all  types of modifications when the study is funded by a for-profit entity?” for information about what types of modifications are exempt from a modification fee.

Will I be charged for all types of modifications when the study is funded by a for-profit entity?

No. Charges for modifications do not include research team member changes (including changing ONLY the contact information in the consent form and/or footers). Also, changes required by the IRB will not incur a fee.

All other changes, regardless of the complexity or timing of the submission, will incur a modification fee.  This includes modifications to the study that are necessary due to an error on the part of the submitter.

Why is there an additional fee if there is a request to change the injury language?

The consent template injury language has been vetted at an institutional level. Requesting changes to this language requires additional resources to determine if the changes will be accepted.  The fee is charged to cover these additional resources regardless of whether changes to the injury language are approved by the IRB.

Will I be charged for exceptions, check-in forms, and reportable events?

No.  A fee is not associated with the review of these form types.

Do the IRB fees have to be paid before the IRB will review a study?

IRB review can occur prior to payment of the fee.  However, IRB approval will not be released until the fee is paid.

Content current as of 10/5/2022