myIRB System Updates: What You Need to Know

WHAT is happening?

The Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) is introducing new functionality and revising the project application in the myIRB system.


This change will be implemented on Friday, 8/11/17 beginning at noon (12 PM).  Approximately one hour is needed to implement the changes in the system.  During this time, myIRB will not be accessible to users.

WHAT will be different?

  • Applications will be split into two sections: “myProject” and “myIRB”; myProject and a new Project Status tab will facilitate tracking of overall project workflow
  • Majority of questions captured in an attached protocol are eliminated
  • Many fields are converting to table format, radio buttons, or check boxes for ease of entry
  • Questions will be re-ordered to flow similar to a protocol
  • Documents can be uploaded next to the question triggering the attachment
  • A note field for each question will be available for team use while completing the application (notes disappear upon submission)
  • Introduction of Limited Access (a new method for requesting inclusion of unaffiliated individuals as team members)
  • Decrease in number of pages to click through
  • More efficient workflow and notification process related to Other Committee reviews

HOW will studies be impacted?

All studies will be required to transition to the new application.

  • Current projects will transition using a Modification (each study has one chance to defer transitioning) -or- Continuing Review (if not already transitioned; there is no option to defer).
  • Drafts of new projects (only) will convert to the new form prior to submission.  If you are concerned about having to transition a new project you are drafting, submit it prior to August 11 or wait to begin it until after the update has occurred.
  • Modification or Continuing Review forms in the draft or pending status at the time of the release will not be impacted.

HRPO will map information from current studies to the new version; it is estimated ~20-25 questions need to be completed to transition.

WHY is this being done?

The goals of the revised application include:

  • Making it easier/faster to complete
  • Reducing the burden on both researchers and HRPO/IRB
  • Responding to feedback from researchers, HRPO staff on areas of application that have been most problematic, difficult to understand or do not fit the type of research being conducted.
  • Integrating with other systems (OnCore and EPIC)
  • Preparing for sIRB (additional roll out is planned for this Fall to complete sIRB infrastructure)

*Click here for the slides presented at the myIRB New Application Demo sessions, which describe the upcoming release in more detail.

WHOM should I contact with questions or concerns?

Call 314.747.6800 and ask to speak with the SWAT! on-call representative.


2015 Human Research Protection Award Recipients Announced


The Human Research Protection Office has received the Award of Excellence in Innovation for its submission of the Washington University Human Research Protection Office Training Manuals developed for HRPO staff.

 “The Award program offers positive recognition for excellence in the field of human research protection, and this year’s awards continue the high standard that we have seen since the program began. We congratulate the winners.”
– Dr. Peter G. Goldschmidt, President of Health Improvement Institute

Awards are given for demonstrated excellence in promoting the well being of people who participate in research. The Health Improvement Institute created this Award program. This year’s judges were drawn from academic, compliance, consulting, health services, legal, and research review organizations.


About Health Improvement Institute:

Health Improvement Institute is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)3, charitable organization dedicated to   improving the quality and productivity of America’s health care. The Institute’s principal program objective is to provide information to enable people to make informed health care choices. The Institute establishes guidelines, evaluates the quality of health information on the Internet, conducts forums and workshops, and sponsors national awards programs to recognize excellence. For more information, visit

myIRB Login Transition Ends 8/17/15

Effective August 17, 2015 the transition period for the new myIRB login system is closing.

If you have not transitioned to using the new login process by the end of the day on August 16th, you will lose access to myIRB. Refer to the Stage 2 instructions below for guidance on transitioning to using the new login process. This must be completed prior to August 17.

Stage 2 Instructions

Use the following instructions to determine which login option you should use.

CURRENT myIRB users – begin at Step 1 below.
NEW myIRB users – begin at Step 2 below.

*Delegates may not be able to complete the delegate login until after the Principal Investigator has completed the new login process.

1.  Login instructions for CURRENT myIRB users:
a. The FIRST time you log in after the effective date/time:

  • Click the WUSTL key button to login.
    • Depending on your current status, you may need to follow additional instructions on the screen to finish the transition to the new ID system.

b. AFTER completing Step 1.a above and each time you log in
after that, choose the appropriate log-in button as          described below:

  • WUSTL Key Login: Use this button to login if you are a permanent Washington University employee or student.
  • BJC-NT User Login: Use this button to login if you are a permanent Barnes Jewish Hospital or St. Louis Children’s Hospital employee.
  • HRPO ID Login: Use this button if you have received a HRPO ID.


2.  Login instructions for NEW myIRB users:
a.  Choose the appropriate log-in button as described below:

  • WUSTL Key Login: Use this button to log in if you are a permanent Washington University employee or student.
  •  BJC-NT User Login: Use this button to log in if you are a permanent Barnes Jewish Hospital or St Louis Children’s Hospital employee.
  • Request a HRPO ID: Use this button if you are not a student or employee of Washington University, Barnes Jewish Hospital or St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Once you receive your HRPO ID, you will access the system by logging in using the “HRPO ID Login” button.


If you login to myIRB and do not see all of your studies, contact our office.