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You need to print or retain electronically your CITI certificate

Please print off and retain a copy of your CITI completion report for your records. HRPO does not provide copies… Read More

What to do if you are having trouble seeing certain elements on our website

Try viewing in an updated browser such as Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

What to do if you took CITI at another institution

Submit a copy of your completion report to Niki Bridges in HRPO for review and certification. (nbridges@wustl.edu)

What to do when you are conducting research outside the United States

Your study requires either review by a local ethics committee or a cultural review by someone not affiliated with the… Read More

What you need to do if you are recruiting subjects from a non-WUSTL site that is not considered a public space

Don’t forget to attach a letter or email of permission from the authorized representative of the organization or facility acknowledging… Read More

What to submit in your myIRB application if you are using samples or data from another researcher or institution

Don’t forget to attach a letter of agreement from the data owner to use their data or samples. This may… Read More

What to do if you need to update your profile in myIRB

When you log in, go up to the Personalize tab on the red menu at the top of the page,… Read More

How to get help if you are located on the Danforth campus and need help with your application

HRPO staff are available for all of your IRB questions in the Psychology building on the Danforth Campus. Come see… Read More

There are best practices for adding optional items in a consent form

Do you have any optional items in your consent form? Perhaps you have a series of blanks that allows participants… Read More

What you need to do if you took CITI Basic Human Subjects Research course at a previous institution and need to add it to your compliance profile

Give us a call! We can review the modules and (if complete) add it to your compliance profile within 24-48… Read More