The Human Research Protection Office has a wide variety of education 2002edprgm.jpegprograms to meet the needs of faculty, investigators, research staff, and students at WU.

Please visit the sidebar for a description of these programs and contact information.

These options include:

  • Lectures and presentations on a wide range of topics
  • Open-access publication of conferences, presentations, training guides, and discussions of HRPP best-practices
  • Videos and Podcasts on issues relevant to human subjects protections and IRB review
  • Protocol-specific consultation on study-startup issues
  • Guidance on FDA regulation and oversight
  • Personal consultation through our SWAT! (Staff With Answers Today) On Call and Office Hours program

Many features of HRPO Educational Programs have won awards from the Health Improvement Institute and the Association of American Medical Colleges. We continue to use WU research community feedback and innovative partnerships to improve the quality of our programs.