Becoming an IRB Member

Are you or anyone you know interested in helping protect the safety, rights, and welfare of individuals who volunteer to participate in research studies?  If you answered YES, the following opportunity may be of interest to you.

The Washington University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee made up of individuals both with and without science backgrounds, as well as community members – like yourself!

The IRB oversees the ethical conduct of research that involves people as participants.

Review of Research: As a member of the Washington University IRB, you will be formally designated to review Washington University biomedical and behavioral research that involves human participants. After being trained in our New Member Training program, you are asked to review and comment on the research studies regarding their approvability based on criteria for review. You will determine if the research is conducted in accordance with Federal and State regulations along with University sponsoring agency policies and procedures instituted to protect the rights and welfare of human research participants.

Attendance/Quorum: Your attendance is a very important part of the process; according to the regulations a committee meeting cannot begin until a quorum of members is achieved. Cancelling meetings due to lack of quorum may cause delays in approval of new protocols and renewal of existing ones.

Trust, Respect, and Communication: The committee has a diverse membership; all members regardless of job title, level of education, or any other differences are essential to the review process.

If this is of interest to you, contact us.