Publications & Media

The Human Research Protection Office strives to keep ahead of the HRP5-14curve in order to provide the best practices available for the Washington University in St. Louis research community. To maintain this standard, HRPO often generates publications, podcasts, and media of interest to others those working in the field of human subject research and human research protections.

Our library of resources includes:

  • Conference materials include materials from conferences hosted at WU. (Conference Materials)
  • Education materials include a wide range of presentations and resources on policies, regulations, and best practices. (HRPP Education Materials)
  • Publications include conference white papers, original research, and training guides. (Publications)
  • More Than Meets the IRB is a series of interviews, panel discussions, and reviews of issues related to human research ethics. In this series, we discuss current events in the human research world, talk with investigators and research subjects, and review literature relevant to those interested in research ethics. (Podcasts)