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How can I get recruitment materials stamped in myIRB?

The majority of recruitment materials must be stamped and must be on the appropriate template to be stamped. The template can be accessed from two places in the system:

  • The first is from the recruitment methods/materials question in the application. An attachment box will open below the question for the relevant material you selected. To the right of the attachment box the gray “Generate Stamped Blank Template” button will appear when the template is required.
  • The second is in the Attachments section available at the end of the application or from the Index. Scroll down the page until you reach the section describing the recruitment material you selected. The gray “Generate Stamped Blank Template” button will appear below each recruitment material that requires use of the template.

Once you have generated the template, save this document to your computer or local network drive. Edit it as needed for your study. Further guidance for editing is available in the Attachment section under “Other Supporting Documents”. Click the gray arrow on the left-hand side of the screen to access the “Instructions for Working with the Stamped Blank Template.

When you are ready to save DO NOT change the document type! It must remain in Rich Text Format (RTF). You may however choose a different name for your document.

After saving, return to the question in the application about recruitment methods/materials or return to the Attachments section. Use the attachment box provided for the type of material you selected to upload or add your file(s).