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How do I log into myIRB?

Begin by selecting myIRB from the menu on HRPO’s website or navigate to https://myirb.wusm.wustl.edu. Then choose the appropriate log-in method, as described below.

WUSTL Key Login: Use this button to log in if you are a Washington University faculty member, employee or student.

BJC-NT User Login: Use this button to log in if you are of Goldfarb School of Nursing or you are an employee of Barnes Jewish Corporation AND Washington University IRB is the IRB that reviews your research.

HRPO ID Login: Use this button if you have received a HRPO ID.

The first time you log in to the system, you must complete your profile. After saving your profile, select the appropriate menu option to create a new project, navigate to other spaces in the system, or use the logout link to exit the system.

Note: When you login and create a project, YOU are listed as the Principal Investigator. If you are completing the application for someone else, you must first log in as a delegate of this person.