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How do I request to add someone with a Limited Access ID to my study team?

After the Limited Access ID request [link limited access ID request to How does someone request a limited access ID] has been approved and the person has completed their profile, the PI or delegate will be able to request to add this person in the study team section of myIRB by typing in their name as they would for adding other study team members.

You will be asked to describe their role in the study. When describing the role of an individual, please list all procedures they will conduct and all data they will have access to and if that data is identifiable or not.

When HRPO reviews the study, it will be determined if the WU IRB is able to serve as the IRB of record for the individual. An agreement with the individual or their institution will be required if it is determined that the WU IRB will serve as the IRB.

Note: Individuals with limited access IDs are not able to access any study applications in myIRB.