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How do I review and update my profile?

The first time you login to the system, your profile page will automatically display for review.  During subsequent visits to myIRB, you can access your profile by clicking the Personalize tab in the red, top menu then selecting “Update my profile”.

If your contact or demographic information is incorrect, you will need to request it be corrected, as described below. Updates made in other systems will flow over to myIRB (generally the next day or within 72 hours)

  • WUSTL faculty and staff should contact their department business administrator (usually the person who processes payroll) or Human Resources (for SOM HR call 314-362-7196, for Danforth HR call 314-935-5990) to request corrections be made in HRMS.
  • WUSTL students should contact the Office of Student Records (314-935-5959) to request corrections be made in the Student Information System.
  • BJC users are required to use the BJC IS Support Portal (ServiceNow) to submit a ticket to the BJC IS Helpdesk.  Use the direction here to create and complete the ticket, as this can help ensure correct and timely processing of the ticket. If you have questions related to ServiceNow or submitted tickets, call the BJC IS Helpdesk at (314-362-4700).
  • HRPO ID users should use the “Request a change” link available on their myIRB profile page.
    Please note:  users who received limited access will have blank fields in the profile they view.  This is because a smaller volume of information is collected for limited access users. Only information requested in the limited access registration form will appear in the user’s profile.  Fields that appear blank are not needed and are not used for any purpose.

All users need to follow the directions on the profile page (including entering an academic degree) and have the option of adding a hospital pager.

BJC users and HRPO ID users should also enter their CITI ID (see OBTAINING YOUR CITI ID for direction).

In addition to completing the profile, HRPO must have record that human subjects training (CITI) is complete before individuals can be approved to engage in research.