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How do I submit a modification to a study that was approved in myIRB?

To modify an approved study:

  1. Log on to myIRB.
  1. Click the tab that says “myProjects”
  2. From the open projects list under the “All Projects” tab, click on the IRB ID number of the study you wish to modify.

(NOTE: If you have already started a modification for the study, you will have a draft open under the tab “Draft Forms.” Click on the name of the study under “Draft Forms” to open the application you have started. You would then begin with #5 below.)

  1. Clicking the IRB ID number will take you to the Project Summary page of the approved study. From there, use the “Create Form” list in the upper right corner to select “Modification/Update Form”. You could also choose “Modification/Update + Continuing Review Form” if you are doing a modification with your continuing review application.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Project Index. Modify the content in the applicable sections of the project application itself.  If you wish to change or add a document to the application, open the Attachment section (by navigating to the end of the application or use the myIRB link to open the myIRB Index then click the Attachments” option).
  3. To modify an approved document, select the “EDIT” function at the right on the line of the attachment you wish to modify and follow the steps given to modify the document and attach the revised document back to the application. Do NOT delete any previous versions of the document and follow the edit process to attach the revised document as a new version on top of the current document.
  4. Submit the Modification form. You do not need to sign a new assurance document unless you are requesting to change the Principal Investigator.