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How does someone request a Limited Access ID?

To request a Limited Access account the individual you wish to add must go to the myIRB login page the “Request Limited Access” button. The electronic request form will open. A CV or resume and CITI documentation must be attached to the completed form.

After submitting the form, the individual will need to monitor their email account for a verification email that should arrive within a few minutes. The individual must click the link in this email before the request can be processed by HRPO staff.

When the request for the account has been processed, another email will be sent. If there are questions the staff member processing the request will send an email. If approved, myIRB will send the email to the person requesting access. The email will contain a temporary password and directions for logging-in to update the myIRB profile, which will be required the first time they log in to the system.

Note: A limited access ID provides a way to add a non WU/BJH/SLCH person to the study team, but users with limited access will not be able to access any study information in myIRB.