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It appears I did not receive an email from myIRB. What can be done? **NEW**

There are many reasons why emails may not appear in your inbox.  In our experience, following the below steps should help to remedy the situation.

  1. In addition to checking your inbox, be sure to check your junk or spam folder and your trash or deleted items.  If you do not find the message upon visual inspection, search these spaces using a key term (examples: the IRB ID number, “myIRB”, “reset”, etc.)

    If your email provider flags messages as potentially unwanted or suspicious and quarantines them then confirm the message was not quarantined.

  2. Verify the correct email address exists.  You can check the email address on record for you by viewing your myIRB profile.  If any errors are discovered, request they be corrected by contacting the system where the information originates.  See “How do I review and update my profile?” for further direction on how to complete these actions.
  3. Set myIRB as a known or accepted sender in your email account. Steps for doing this vary by email provider.  If you’re unsure how to do this, check the FAQs or help resources from your email provider, search online, or contact the provider directly for support.  Even if you set myIRB as a known or accepted sender in the past, if you have suddenly have difficulty receiving messages you may need to do it again (as the myIRB team has fielded multiple inquiries from users who previously set myIRB as a known sender and later found the setting had cleared from their email account).
  4. Confirm your mailbox isn’t full.  If you have exceeded the space limitations, you will need to make room by clearing old messages or contacting your provider to obtain additional space.

If the email cannot be located after completing all the above steps or you need to see if an email can be resent, contact a myIRB system specialist for further support.  They can review system logs of sent emails and investigate if an undeliverable notice was received by myIRB or if other conditions are causing messages to fail.

Please note: It is only possible to confirm a message was successfully sent.  Once the email leaves WUSTL’s servers, the myIRB team and WU IT are unable to track it.  This means emails may not be received for reasons beyond our control, such as when the mail server of the intended recipient is down or experiencing issues, the messages are blocked by a non-WUSTL server, etc.