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What materials are stamped in myIRB and how can I get or edit them? **NEW**

The IRB approval stamp is placed on consent documents and debriefing statements.  The IRB stamp will continue to be present and function for recruitment materials uploaded prior to 7/1/2022. The stamp will not be accepted when attempting to upload recruitment materials that are new or revisions to previously stamped recruitment materials.

Stamped materials for a project can be found by navigating to the project page and looking under the Attachments tab.  If revisions need to be made then you will need to open a modification form and go to the Attachments section.  Use the edit link provided in the attachment box for the type of material you selected to upload or add your file(s).

Note: when editing previously stamped recruitment materials, download and open the file as usual then remove the stamp before turning on track changes and making other edits.