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Where can I obtain documentation a study was closed in myIRB?

HRPO does not provide a formal memo acknowledging or approving the closure report form, but the myIRB system contains documentation of the closure. To obtain documentation of a closure, find the closed study (as instructed in the FAQ Where can I find a study once it is closed in myIRB?), click on the IRB ID then save/print the Project Summary Page. Next look in the History section of the Project Summary page and click on the Close link. The Form Review tab will be displayed. Click on the link for “View a printer friendly version of this form.” The printer friendly version will open in a new window. Save/print a copy then close the window. Lastly, click on the Form Workflow tab. Save/print a copy of the workflow. The combination of these three documents should serve as satisfactory documentation that the report was received and processed by the IRB.