Single IRB (sIRB) Update

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Several acceptable models of IRB oversight currently exist including oversight by the local WU IRB, a single IRB (sIRB) or central (cIRB), or differing forms of facilitated or shared oversight.

Single Research Team Members:
Individuals who are not regular employees of WU, BJH or SLCH or who are not a current WU student may only participate as an engaged WU study team member (a non-WUSTL team member) through the execution of a written Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA.) In some cases, if these individuals would routinely be under the oversight of another IRB, such as a faculty member or student at another academic institution, an agreement with their “home” institution may also be required for WU IRB to take on oversight (IRA).

Single Outside Sites:
Outside research sites participating in WU research must either show evidence of their own IRB oversight or may be brought under WU IRB oversight through execution of a written IRB Reliance Agreement (IRA.)

Multi-site Research Studies:
WU researchers participating in multi-site research may be approved to have an outside single or CIRB oversee their WU site.

WU Researchers may request the WU IRB act as the IRB for some or all sites participating in the multi-site project.

More information about CIRBs and Agreements is available here [LINK TO IRB OVERSIGHT MODEL PDF].

If your research involves team members from outside WU/BJH/SLCH or you wish to use a model that involves one IRB that oversees multiple sites click the Getting Started link on the left.