Single IRB (sIRB) Requirements – 2018 Common Rule

Required as of January 20, 2020, to use a single IRB model for cooperative research

  • A cooperative research project is one that is covered under the 2018 Common Rule that involves more than one institution.
  • Applicable to any institution located in the United States that is engaged in cooperative research
  • Includes research where different activities will be conducted at each participating site.
  • The reviewing IRB is identified by
    • The Federal department or agency supporting or conducting the research


    • Proposed by the lead institution subject to the acceptance of the Federal department or agency supporting the research.

If your cooperative research study is already approved by the IRB and you are not sure if you need to transition to a single IRB model contact: Carissa Minder, Manager, Single IRB Services, at

Remember that the NIH requirement for use of a sIRB model in multi-site research is in effect already and still applies if the research is funded or supported by the NIH.