Subaward or Subcontract

Subaward (applicable in conjunction with a Grant) OR Subcontract (applicable in conjunction with a Contract) – “Outgoing” from WU

These are binding agreements between the parties.

  • When WU is the lead institution, Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS) submits the proposal and issues subawards (for Grants) or subcontracts (for Contracts) to the other institutions using a federal demonstration partnership (“FDP”) subaward template titled: STATEMENT OF INTENT TO ESTABLISH A CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT. This outlines:
    • Project Title
    • Name of WU Researcher and Community-Based Organization Researcher
    • Project Period
    • Request dollars going to the subaward institution
    • Whether animals or humans are involved in the research
    • That appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel of each institution involved in this grant application are aware of the pertinent Federal regulations and policies and are prepared to establish written inter-organizational agreements that will ensure compliance with all such policies. (This can be achieved with the Memo of Understanding, above).
    • It is signed by the Community-Based Organization

The WU departmental Grants Administrator with which the WU researcher is affiliated can assist as well. Visit the Office of Sponsored Research Services for forms.