Washington University (WU) has implemented a fee schedule for the use of services provided by the Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) and the WU Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).  Select one of the three options for more information.

Contact Kiana Wilhite, Manager, Finance and Operations wilhitek@wustl.edu or Jeanne Velders, Executive Director veldersj@wustl.edu for questions about the fees.

WU IRB is the Single IRB (sIRB) for a Multi-site Study 


(reviews non-WU sites in addition to the WU site )



Billing Information:

Fees are to be paid in full regardless of the ultimate disposition of the research. Fees are payable regardless of the following:

  • The submission is withdrawn
  • The study is not approved
  • Participants are never enrolled
  • A research contract is never executed
  • The study is terminated before the study objectives are achieved

Once a study is submitted, HRPO will create an invoice charging the department on file.  When submitting a Request to Rely (RTR), an authorized department official must attest that their department takes full responsibility for paying the review fee within 30 days of invoice.

HRPO’s internal invoices (billing WU departments) are a part of the university’s automatic payment structure and must be paid within 30 days.  HRPO has approval to charge all fund codes.  All Interdepartmental Invoices (IDs), created by HRPO, must remain in an “Open” or “Sent” status until final departmental approval occurs.

Invoices for single IRB fees, on completed reviews, are sent from the HRPO Billing Office on a monthly basis. These can be sent to an internal WU department or external site. Arrangements for sending invoices will be made when a new sIRB study is submitted for review.

It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to incorporate the appropriate IRB fees in the funding agreement. It is recommended that language be included in the agreement indicating the funder will pay applicable IRB fees rather than designating a specific amount as fees may change over the course of the study.  Be sure to include all applicable institutional and department overhead charges.

Fee Waivers:

In some limited circumstances, the HRPO Executive Director may consider modification of the assessment of IRB fees.  All requests must be submitted via email to the Manager of Finance and Operations. The request should include:

  • The IRB ID number,
  • A copy of the contract and budget summary; and
  • A rationale for requesting the fee waiver.

Fees cannot be waived for single IRB services.