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Single IRB is here!

We are pleased to announce effective immediately Washington University is in full support of the use of single IRBs for multi-site human subjects research. Importantly, this includes use of two independent IRBs for industry-sponsored multi-site research. A link to the new institutional policy “WU Policy for use of a single IRB (sIRB) in multi-site research studies” is provided at the end of this announcement.  This policy includes a sIRB Decision Matrix for use in identifying the appropriate sIRB for your research.

For questions about this sIRB implementation policy, please contact Martha Jones, Executive Director, Human Research Protection Office (jonesma@wustl.edu) or Jenny Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research (lodgejk@wustl.edu).

We are also announcing a new Washington University Fee Schedule for use of the WU IRB and Human Research Protection Office services for both multi-site research and single-site research. Please review this document carefully. There are new fees associated with research supported by non-profit and WU-supported research as well as those previously in place for industry and for-profit supported research. Note some fees are effective immediately while others go into effect July 1, 2018. A link to the fee schedule is provided below.

For questions about the fee policy, please contact Rick Stanton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance (richard.stanton@wustl.edu).

For questions about whether a fee applies to any particular study, please contact Martha Jones Executive Director, Human Research Protection Office (jonesma@wustl.edu).

WU Policy for use of a single IRB (sIRB) in multi-site research studies
Washington University Fee Schedule

Researcher Guidance
Relying on an External IRB