Mission of HRPO
and the IRB

Our mission is to protect the rights and welfare of participants in “human research” as defined in 45 CFR 46.102(d) and (f) and “clinical investigations” as defined in 21 CFR 50.3(c).d

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Did you know?

How to complete your myIRB application if you have multiple groups in a study (such as those with a condition and healthy controls).  Be sure all appropriate sections of your myIRB application (such as inclusion/exclusion criteria and methods sections) and consent include appropriate information about both populations. Remember to discuss use of existing data, tissues, or previous study data if these are being used as control or comparisons in the study.

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Our office uses data collected from carefully defined performance metrics to measure results and ensure continuous quality improvement of our program. These metrics are also intended to provide a better understanding of the IRB process.

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