HRPO International Research Partners

Erin Higgs and Mitchell Saulisbury-Robertson serve as the HRPO Partners for researchers conducting international research.  Mitchell and Erin have a combination of many years of experience in IRB review of research, including the review of international research.  They serve as members of the WU International Research with Human Subjects Committee and contributed to the development of the international research guidance and other resource materials.  Contact our HRPO partners if you have questions about your research project or the review process for international research in general.

Erin Higgs

Mitchell Saulisbury-Robertson

IRB consultations to discuss International Research and IRB requirements are available.

Faculty Fellow of International Research

Cindy Brantmeier, PhD, is the Faculty Fellow, International Research within the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research.  She has extensive experience conducting international research on human subjects.  In her role as faculty fellow, she is available to provide guidance for faculty and students conducting international human subjects research.  Dr. Brantmeier co-leads the WU International Research with Human Subjects Committee with HRPO Executive Director, Jeanne Velders.

Office: 135 Seigle Hall

Content current as of 04/19/2024