A signed assurance document is required when submitting a new application. The Principal Investigator, Dean or Department Head and the Faculty Sponsor, if the PI is a student, sign this document.   The assurance serves to document these individual’s understanding and commitment to the uphold the terms outline in the assurance.

The PI will attest to several expectations that are necessary to conduct the research in compliance with HRPO, IRB and other institutional requirements.

The Dean or Department Head will attest that the research is scientifically sound, the PI is appropriately qualified and they have the necessary resources.

The faculty sponsor will attest that they will maintain oversight of the student; the student has sufficient training and experience to conduct the research and they are prepared to assume responsibility for the study should the student leave Washington University.

Authorized Department Signers

To request an update to the authorized Dean/Department signers, please contact us by email

Content current as of 05/10/2024