As a research participant, you can leave a research study at any time. When withdrawing from a study, let the research team know that you want to withdraw. The research team may ask why you want to leave the study.  It can be helpful to have this information but you do not have to provide a reason if it makes you uncomfortable.

Depending on the type of study, you may receive a variety of instructions for ending participation in the study. For instance, you may get instructions on how to safely stop using study medications. Instructions may also be given on who to contact if you have questions or concerns after leaving the study. Depending on the type of study, the research team may need you to return for a final visit so they can monitor for adverse effects from study treatments, procedures, or interventions.

If the study involves health information, let the research team know if you will allow the continued collection and use of your health information.

Use this sample withdrawal letter if you want to send a letter to the research team to withdraw from the study.

If you have questions about a research study that you are currently in at Washington University, please contact us at 314-747-6800 or 1-800-438-0445.

Content current as of 10/5/2022