International research conducted by Washington University researchers is subject to the WU IRB policies, U.S. regulations, ethical considerations and any additional requirements imposed by the country in which the research will be conducted.   Navigating the local foreign requirements can be a complex and time consuming process.  It is imperative that the researcher allow for sufficient time to complete all requirements necessary to obtain IRB approval.   

Washington University International Research with Human Subjects Committee

The WU International Research with Human Subjects Committee was established in 2021. This committee is comprised of faculty that conduct international research and represents both the Danforth and School of Medicine campus.  The committee also includes leaders from the Human Research Protection Office, the WU IRB, legal counsel and representation from the Vice Chancellor for Research Office.  Through the hard work of this committee, resources were developed to guide researchers through the review process for the conduct of international research.  The committee remains active to continually assess the review requirements for the conduct of international research and develop or update resource materials as needed.

Content current as of 10/5/2022