Community-Engaged Research (CEnR)


Washington University’s Community Engaged Research program has been developed by the Washington University Human Research Logo-for-Annual-Award_BPProtection Office (HRPO) to address the needs of Washington University (WU) researchers engaged in research collaborations or affiliations with community partners, and to ensure regulatory compliance for researchers at WU and their research affiliates.

What is the IRB Community Engaged Research program?

Washington University (WU), under certain circumstances, will agree to serve as the IRB of record for community partners that do not have their own IRB. This will be done on a per study basis in instances when there is a Principal Investigator (PI) from WU. General IRB oversight will not be provided for non-WU organizations that are not collaborating with a WU PI. Non-WU researchers may not apply independently for WU IRB oversight. View an overview of the Washington University Community Engaged Research Process.

Who are our Community Partners?

A community partner can be a community based organization (CBO) or other entity not affiliated with WU. A community partner may also be an individual who is employed or volunteering at a community site and/or an individual that is self-employed, in private practice or is otherwise involved where research is being conducted by a WU investigator. Normally, community partners are not affiliated with an academic institution and/or are not under the auspices of another Institutional Review Board (IRB).

WU students that participate in research studies at WU are not considered community partners.