Research Guide

The Research Guide is intended to be a comprehensive manual for those conducting human subjects research.

  Research Guide


                         2021 Research Guide Updates

01/27/2021 Do I Need to Submit to the IRB? – Definitions
02/23/2021 Recruitment Methods
03/08/2021 Single IRBs
04/19/2021 Electronic Informed Consent (eIC)
07/27/2021 Instructions for Signature Lines
07/28/2021 Visiting Student Guidance


                         2020 Research Guide Updates

01/27/2020 Recruitment
03/30/2020 Electronic Informed Consent (eIC)
04/03/2020 International Research Checklists
06/11/2020 Screening Logs
06/25/2020 Continuing Review
06/25/2020 Study Closures
06/29/2020 Principal Investigator Roles and Responsibilities
06/30/2020 Recruitment Materials
07/24/2020 Return of Results
08/27/2020 Relying on an External IRB
10/23/2020 Electronic Informed Consent (eIC)
10/23/2020 Waiver of Documentation of Consent
10/23/2020 Waivers of Consent
10/23/2020 Accessing Protected Health Information
10/26/2020 Recruitment Materials
11/20/2020 Principal Investigator Roles and Responsibilities
11/20/2020 Visiting Student Guidance
11/30/2020 Electronic Informed Consent (eIC)
11/30/2020 Consent for Genomic Data Sharing for Researchers
11/30/2020 Return of Results
12/08/2020 Do I Need to Submit to the IRB? – Definitions
12/29/2020 Vulnerable Populations


  sIRB Research Guide


HIPAA Letter

Single IRB Intake Form

Independent (Commercial) IRB Consent Form Language

myIRB Assurance Document – Approved Department Signers
       Danforth Approved Signers
       School of Medicine Approved Signers
       St. Louis Children’s Hospital Approved Signers
       Barnes-Jewish Hospital Approved Signers

SBIR STTR Guidance


Reportable Events – How to Report in myIRB When the IRB of Record is the WU IRB or the NCI CIRB

Reportable Events – How to report in myIRB When the IRB of record is NOT the WU IRB or the NCI CIRB

Radiation Fact Sheet

When to Report Deviations

Reporting Requirements for IND Safety Reports

Review of Studies Involving Genetic Research

Enrolling Participants Who Do Not Speak English

Institutional Certification Request

The most current versions of the institutional certification request forms are listed below and can be downloaded directly to your computer. Please be sure to download a new copy of the form(s) prior to each submission to the HRPO to ensure the most current form is being used.


Short Form Consents:

With Without
Albanian Albanian
Arabic Arabic
Bosnian Bosnian
Dari Dari
English English
Farsi Farsi
French French
Hebrew Hebrew
Korean Korean
Kurdish (Sorani) Kurdish (Sorani)
Mandarin (simplified Chinese) Mandarin (simplified Chinese)
Nepali Nepali
Russian Russian
Somali Somali
Spanish Spanish
Swahili Swahili
Vietnamese Vietnamese


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