“This is the first time I have used the IRB consultation program. It was very, very helpful. I will recommend it to my other WU clinical research colleagues.”

“Absolutely loved the idea of scheduling a consultation meeting. I found this very useful to have the opportunity to discuss our issues and ask questions.”

“I have come to rely on IRB consultations to help guide my research activities. Abby Keeley is extremely knowledgeable and offers insightful yet practical advice.”

I think the IRB consultation is a must since there can be nuances that are difficult to explain in a written email or just interfacing with the website. So thanks for all the help- I appreciate it.

“Very important and approachable service.

I feel that the consultation was very helpful, and the staff understood our needs extremely well.

Everything was great and Julie Moyer was very helpful!

Content current as of 5/3/2023