HRPO charges a fee when an external IRB serves as the IRB for a WU study and the study is funded by a for-profit entity.

For-profit funded studies
Form Type Fees Effective 7/1/2020
Annual Administrative Review **
(No Form Required)

*If adding industry support to an approved study email the Business Office, regarding appropriate fees.

**A request to rely form that is approved prior to 7/1/2020 will continue to incur a $750 annual administrative review fee consistent with the prior fee schedule.

Why do you charge a fee for a for-profit funded study when the study is using an external IRB?

Even when a study is deferred to another IRB, WU remains responsible for overseeing the conduct of the research. This includes ensuring all researchers are appropriately qualified and trained, reviewing each study for local context information including state laws and local policy requirements and assisting researchers in maintaining compliance with the external IRB’s requirements and determinations.

Does HRPO charge for modifications, continuing reviews, reportable event forms and check-in forms?

If the Request to Rely form is approved by HRPO on or after 7/1/2020, a one-time flat fee is applied for for-profit funded studies reviewed by other IRBs. There are no charges for modifications or continuing reviews.

If the Request to Rely form is approved prior to 7/1/2020 the prior fee schedule applies and includes a charge for an annual administrative review fee.

In most circumstances, modifications do not need to be submitted to HRPO for studies being reviewed by other IRBs. Continuing reviews should never be submitted to HRPO for studies being reviewed by other IRBs. However, an annual administrative review fee is assessed to cover WU’s ongoing administrative responsibilities. See the Research Guide for additional information about when modifications should be submitted when using an external IRB.

There are no fees charged for reportable event forms or check-in forms.

Are there IRB fees to use an external IRB if my study is NOT funded by a for-profit entity?

No. only studies funded by a for-profit entity are charged fees when using an external IRB.

Do the fees have to be paid before HRPO will process my request to use an external IRB?

HRPO’s review can occur prior to payment of the fee. However, the request to rely form will not be released to grant approval for the use of an external IRB until the fee has been paid.

Which external IRBs are allowed to be used and does this change the fees I will be charged?

WU has reliance or IRB authorization agreements with 2 independents IRBs- WCG IRB and Advarra- as well as a number of other academic IRBs. The fees are based on the funding source for the study.  The external IRB you use does not have any bearing on the fees that may be applicable.

Will the change to a flat fee affect my study that was approved before 7/1/2020?

No. If your Request to Rely form was approved prior to 7/1/2020 the prior fee schedule will apply.

Content current as of 10/5/2022